Flourish Iconography

1. System Icons Set 2018

Design of system iconography intended for use across Flourish Cash, a digital platform enabling users to combine multiple bank accounts into one insured account with an optimal interest rate. Icons were designed within a 24X24 pixel grid, enabling for a uniform and balanced appearance across the full set. A total of 80 icons were created and maintained within a bespoke design system in Figma to systemize their usage within the product UI.

Agency: Elephant
Creative Direction: Thomas Dudon

2. Product Specific Icons Set 2018

Flourish Give, the charitable arm within the Flourish Suite required its own, more illustrative icon set. The site’s data is derived from Charity Navigator, maintaining their overall navigational structure: Browse within Category, Cause, Charity, Location, or Rating. For those Charities whose brand assets are unavailable, a default symbol representative of the Charity’s category replaces where their logo would normally live.

The below icons represent the 11 browseable categories: